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Christopher’s Clubhouse Programs include:

Family Safety Camp:
A 5 to 6 hour fun, interactive program for children and parents.
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Fingerprinting and ID’s for Children:
Free fingerprinting and IDs are done at our Family Safety Camp class. All information is given to the parent(s) and is deleted from the system.
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Always Be Safe Assemblies:
A 45-minute presentation at schools, offering vital safety information, with audience participation and exciting activity.
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Seniors on Safety:
A 2 to 3 hour workshop outlining key strategies to avoid scams, fraud, and identity theft. Participants also learn physical skills and other pertinent safety information.
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Internet Safety Presentation:
A 2 hour workshop with information for both parents and children, including mobile apps, deep and dark web education, and safeguarding techniques.
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Bullying Workshops:
These workshops are brought to parents, where they are informed about bullying today, realistic solutions, and preventative measures.
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R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) for Women Basic:
This 12-hour women only course gives viable options of self-defense, so that women can avoid and/or escape predatory crime. Ages 11+ with parental permission.
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R.A.D. for Women Advanced:
A continuation of the basic program, this 25-hour long course expands immensely on the concepts and techniques learned from the original class.
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R.A.D. (Resisting Aggression Defensively) for Men:
This 12-hour men only course is designed to give options to males ages 11+ with parental permission. Learning ways to avoid aggressive behavior, evaluate societies standards put on both men and women, and teaching realistic and viable options of self-defense to make safer choices when confronted with aggression are just some of what this class offers.
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Private Classes:
Christopher’s Clubhouse can help with setting up one of our safety classes to your child’s school, your workplace, with your friends or family, or otherwise!
Contact us to set up a class.

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