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Physical & Internet Safety CLASSES.

Providing a variety of physical and internet safety

classes for men, women and families

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Family Safety Camp.

Provide your children with options not fear.

Keeping kids safe.

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RAD for Women.

Risk Reduction and Self Defense.

Hands on course.

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“United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire is pleased to have Christopher’s Clubhouse provide their successful programs to our clients. They have an excellent style of working with these vulnerable children empowering them to respond to potential dangers in the world today.”
-Greg Wetmore – Executive Director, UCPIE

“Having known Mika and her organization, Christopher’s Clubhouse, for many years, I know when Mika teaches, she teaches from the heart and with passion. Empowering parents and kids to protect themselves and avoid dangerous situations is a lifelong skill we all hope we never have to use, but being prepared and knowing what to do should a situation present itself is why everyone should go through this training.”
-Steve Sanchez – La Quinta City Council Member

“Christopher’s Clubhouse is a highly respected child safety organization serving the Coachella Valley.”
-Captain Charles Robinson, Cathedral City Police Department

“After only having one hour of physical training with R.A.D. I knew I already wanted my unborn children to take it. Seriously. And if your excuse is that you don’t have time to take the class, I want you to say this sentence to yourself “I don’t have time to save my own life” because that’s what you are actually saying. I will be telling every woman and child I know to take this class. I hope I don’t need to use it, but I’m sure glad I have the knowledge now.”
-Kristen Dolan

“Children are the greatest gifts bestowed upon us, and we must protect them at every turn. Christopher’s Clubhouse does that by training children in the Coachella Valley how to prevent predatory crimes against them.”
-Patti Gribow – CEO Gribow Entertainment

Parent Testimonials

“I had signed up my daughter to do the program “Family Safety Camp”. I could not believe how well she did. She loved it and she learned so much about safety from Mika and her very patient staff. They know how to get the kids to listen and understand how to be ready to protect themselves. I am grateful for this class and she is ready to do a refresher class. It is a lifesaving program for all children.”
-Brittnie Pimentel

“Lessons learned at Family Safety Camp have paved the way for an ongoing conversation with my children about how to stay safe, how to defend themselves if needed and that it is ok to talk with a trusted adult. I will be forever grateful for Christopher’s Clubhouse for how they have empowered my children with the knowledge that they need to stay safe.”
-Nicole Trent

“This is such a terrific program and fills a need to help protect our kids against dangers. I’m very grateful that my daughter was able to go through this training.”
-Molly Kazmer

“Congratulations for your wonderful course. I believe that Frankie is prepared for any cause of emergency. Thank you and God bless you all.”
-Fermina Desaro

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