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Physical & Internet Safety CLASSES.

Providing a variety of physical and internet safety

classes for men, women and families

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Family Safety Camp.

Provide your children with options not fear.

Keeping kids safe.

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RAD for Women.

Risk Reduction and Self Defense.

Hands on course.

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Patti O’TooleProgram Director
Patti O’Toole has been involved with Christopher’s Clubhouse since its inception, volunteering her time and expertise to the Coachella Valley to help provide programs and services to its residents. Patti is the Program Director of the organization, and is dedicated to helping make the Coachella Valley a safer and healthier place to be. Contact Patti if you have questions regarding scheduling or information about our services.

Cameron Moulton – Director of Training and Development
Cameron began his journey in the world of missing and exploited children when he was two years old. Christopher was Cameron’s older brother, and once he was abducted and murdered, Cameron stepped foot into a new way of life. At the age of thirteen, he was the youngest person in the world to be trained and certified as a child safety instructor. Cameron has now become certified in multiple areas, teaching all programs offered by Christopher’s Clubhouse, and helping to make sure that everyone knows how to Always Be Safe. Contact Cameron if you have questions regarding becoming an instructor, detailed information about the organization’s services, or volunteer opportunities.

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