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Board of Directors

Sue Gonzalez – Board President
Sue Gonzalez is a retired Associate Warden from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). Sue began her career with CDCR in 1989 working at both Chuckawalla Valley and Ironwood State Prisons. Originally born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Sue settled in California after serving in the United States Navy from 1984-1988. In 2012 she moved to the Coachella Valley where she subsequently met Mika, and was introduced to Christopher’s Clubhouse, when Mika spoke at a Victim’s Service event hosted by the prison’s Employees Association. After acquiring 27 years of knowledge, interaction and experience in State prison, Sue fully understands the importance of keeping the community safe for not only children, but for all citizens. “The most vulnerable are our children. We have to make a concerted effort to educate them and protect them from threatening or hostile situations.” Sue enrolled and took the RAD Class for Women, and upon completing the class, she felt more empowered and liberated than ever before. A civil servant for 27 years, Sue now wants to continue giving back to the community with her involvement in Christopher’s Clubhouse.

Robert Lacy – Vice President
Robert retired from Law Enforcement after 35 years. He was Senior Special Agent-In-Charge of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Police Department in Northern California. He also served on the California Juvenile Council for 30 years. He served for 5 years as Chairman of The Diversity Council for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad in California. He moved to Palm Springs four years ago, and became a member of Christopher’s Clubhouse. Robert knows that Juveniles are only 13% of the population of California; however, they are 100% of our future. Therefore their safety should be our number one priority. Robert lives in Palm Springs.

Nicole Trent – Treasurer
Nicole Trent is a Business Professional with 15 years’ experience driving HR, administrative, business analysis, and finance functions across the consumer goods, travel and restaurant industries. Nicole has experience with small and large companies and has specifically administered all facets of Human Resources and Accounting for her own wholesale distribution company. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology, and is a Certified Bookkeeper, CB. She has supplemented this degree with a Certificate in Human Resources from University of Riverside and has earned her Professional Human Resource-CA certification from the Human Resource Certificate Institute.
Nicole is also a business professional with 20+ years experience in the restaurant, consumer goods, travel and construction industries. Focusing on Human Resources and Accounting, Nicole uses these skills to train business owners to better manage their small businesses. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University in Business Administration with a specialization in Information Technology, and is a Certified Bookkeeper, CB. She has supplemented this degree with a Certificate in Human Resources from University of Riverside and has earned her Professional Human Resource-CA certification from the Human Resource Certificate Institute. Nicole became involved with Christopher’s Clubhouse after her children participated in the program and believes that the knowledge and power that Christopher’s Clubhouse provides to children is invaluable.

Marian Stahl – Secretary
Marian Stahl became involved with Christopher’s Clubhouse after enrolling her child in the Child Safety Camp and taking the women’s self-defense class. She realized just how valuable these classes are. She has worked for the County of Riverside Department of Public Health Program for the past 7 years. Marian is a health educator for a teen pregnancy and prevention program. Before that she was a social worker for pregnant and parenting teens here in the Coachella Valley for 13 years. She has always had an interest in educating Coachella Valley residents on the topics of health and safety. Her connections to the schools and other agencies in the Valley make her a valuable asset to our board.

Judith Butler Lacy – Member
Judith is a teacher and author. She was a mentor for a number of years at Napa College and received the Napa Valley Volunteer of the year award before moving to the Coachella Valley. She served as the Director of Programs for the March of Dimes in San Jose, California as well as the Director of the YWCA. She is also a member of the Palm Springs Rotary. Judith became involved with Christopher’s Clubhouse because she feels that as adults we need to do whatever possible to protect the children in our community. She has seen kids neglected and abused and feels that as a society we must do better. “Mika has done an amazing job advocating for children and I’m proud to work with her and the organization. If we save just one child from being hurt our job is worthwhile.” Judith lives in Palm Springs.

Stone James – Member
Stone’s most notable passions are his family; his career in land brokerage; and serving his community. As a Vice President and the lead broker for Land Advisors Organization’s Coachella Valley and Imperial Valleys, Stone enjoys creating profitable acquisition and disposition opportunities for his clients. A a Planning Commissioner, Stone helps shape how land is best used, entitled and developed. Although Stone’s professional pursuits are engaging and challenging, it is Stone’s 25+ years of experience in emergency medical services, search and rescue and law enforcement, coupled with his experiences as a loving and committed father, that led to his involvement with Christopher’s Clubhouse. Stone wants to see Christopher’s Clubhouse educate and train EVERY child and ALL vulnerable members of our community throughout Riverside County on how to prevent, avoid and survive life threatening situations. Stone’s commitment to serving and protecting his fellow community members coupled with his strong professional and educational background make him an invaluable member of the board.

Kathleen Huber – Member
Kathleen Huber started her career at GTE/Verizon and worked with the conglomerate for 29 years. Starting as a (cord) board operator she remained with the company thru the many advances in technology. She retired as a manager in (2009). Not long after her early retirement, Kathleen decided that she wanted to go back to work at the same time staying actively involved in her community. In 2012 Kathleen rejoined the work force and became the receptionist for Gulf California Broadcast; 5 local television stations including KESQ/CBSLOCAL2. Kathleen is the heart and soul of the company as she is the first person that greets you as you come through the door. Her job as the receptionist keeps Kathleen busy every moment of the day. Kathleen loves’ her job and has the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, which is where she was introduced to Christopher’s Clubhouse and Mika Moulton. Mika had come in for an interview on KESQ TV and Kathleen immediately became interested in Mika’s story and the story of Christopher’s Clubhouse. Kathleen was immediately inspired by Mika’s strength and her desire to turn her personal tragedy into something positive. Kathleen saw that Mika has dedicated her life to educate and train men, and women, in safety awareness for children and people of all ages. Kathleen was or thrilled to be invited to join the board at Christopher’s Clubhouse so that she could help to spread the message of hope and safety through education and empowerment for everyone in our community! Kathleen and her husband Alex have raised 3 incredible sons, the youngest of which is soon heading off to college. Kathleen knew immediately that Christopher’s Clubhouse was something that she was meant to do having all her life been active involved in her children’s lives as well as the Community. Kathleen has said that she is honored to be on the board of Christopher’s Clubhouse knowing in her heart that she is giving a message of strength to the community through the various programs Christopher’s Clubhouse provides.

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